New event new bug [Investigating]

Dinky70 Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
During event in white node, card pop up locks in to screen can't see the gems to play.  Forced to quit, in paid event.  Attaching pics.


  • Dinky70
    Dinky70 Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
    Next game after restart same issue, the card is locked over screen cannot compete game, forced to resign two game so far
  • BongoTheGrey
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    Turn your animations off in the game settings. If you play with animations off you wont have that issue.
  • madwren
    madwren Posts: 2,210 Chairperson of the Boards
    Came here to post about this. It's happening pretty constantly in this event, which makes it extremely frustrating for those of us who play with animations on.

    Once, my finger just barely brushed across the screen and it happened...something clearly was broken.

  • MetaBunny
    MetaBunny Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
    I've also experienced this twice now on the white node when casting a creature with First Strike or Vigilance that triggers the event support. It looks like the animation for the cast card is overlapping with that of the the Solider token that's summoned.
  • Dionin
    Dionin Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Unfortunately, at least on my android tablet, there is no settings option to turn off animations.  I've lost 3 games to this bug already.  ****.
  • Wulfhramn
    Wulfhramn Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    I had this happen on two of the nodes. I was lucky to be able to make swaps around the glitch even if they weren’t great swaps. Thankfully I was ahead in the match and was able to finish successfully. Despite the glitch, I did want to say thanks for adding the new event. I found the challenges fun. 
  • Magic:PQ Support Team
    Magic:PQ Support Team ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 3,127 Chairperson of the Boards
    Hello guys,

    Thank you for all the information provided, this issue is being investigated!
    If you have any additional information that you consider relevant, please don't hesitate to send me 😊


  • Evolutionkit
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    edited October 2022
    It happens in all the nodes, as far as I can tell. Not colour specific. Randomly, an animation just stays on screen and will block the playing field. Any future move will have newly played cards superimposed on the frozen image and then disappear again, as if the game is just playing on not realising that the animation is still in place. The frozen animation will allow visible gems to be moved and swapped behind it and any partly hidden gems will still move and trigger a swap as normal with hidden gems, but you cannot activate any of the gems that are fully covered by the animation (i.e. 80-90% of the playing field).
  • MetaBunny
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    edited October 2022
    Here's a weird new iteration. I've turned off animations and I haven't had the full card pop-up issue since, but I just had a match where the opponent summoning a creature made a smaller version of its image stick in the corner. It stayed even after the original creature was killed, and another copy of the image stacked above it later. 🙃