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What’s New

NEW Collection available: Dominaria United!

Get your hands on over 200 new cards, 4 new Planeswalkers, 5 new events and more! 

This update also includes some bug fixes and improvements.

New Mechanics and Keywords


“When this creature attacks, you may have another creature you control without Tapped and Summoning Sickness gain Can’t Attack and Can’t Block until the beginning of your next turn. If you do, this creature gets +X/+0 until end of turn. X is that creature’s power.”

Recruit is an icon evergreen found among creature cards. When a creature with Recruit attacks, it allows the player to choose another creature apt to attack they control and prevent it from attacking. In return, the creature with Recruit will get a bonus to its power equal to the power of the creature affected by the ability.



“Your Domain equal to 1 plus the number of colors among support gems you control when this effect triggers up to 5.”

Domain is an icon evergreen that represents a value in Magic: Puzzle Quest, tied to the number of different colors among the player’s support gems. Each card has its own effects that can take the player’s Domain into account when being activated.



“Kicker {mana cost} (You may pay an additional {mana cost} as you cast this spell.)”

Kicker is a numbered evergreen that allows a player to drain a given amount of mana from their hand to gain additional benefits when casting cards with this ability. While Kicker is not a new ability in Magic: Puzzle Quest, all cards with Kicker in Dominaria United have the additional condition: a specific color of gems must be matched during the same turn the card is cast for the Kicker effect to take place. There are also cards with 2 kicker triggers, each demanding a different pattern of gem colors to be matched.


Read Ahead

“When you cast this support, choose one of its chapters to be its current chapter. Skipped chapters are not read.”

In Magic: Puzzle Quest, Read Ahead is a Hint found on Saga cards and it allows the player to choose which chapter of the Saga will be read as the support enters the board. Chapters previous to the one selected are ignored.

Stun Counter

“At the beginning of your turn, reduce this card’s Stun Counter value by 1. If it can't, it loses Stun Counter. Then, Disable this card until the end of your opponent’s next turn. Stun counter remains active even if the card that contains it is Disabled. When this card gains Stun Counter, the value is added to its current value.”

Stun Counter is a numerical evergreen that can be added to creature and support cards. At the beginning of the card’s controller turn, Stun Counter will have its value reduced and cause the card to become disabled, until the beginning of the controller’s next turn. As such, Stun Counter can keep a card at bay while it lasts.

     Stun Counter

Compleated and Phyrexian Gems

“When you match a Phyrexian gem, if you have a card with Compleated in your hand that is not full mana and you are at 5 or more life, you lose 2 life. Then, the first card in your hand with Compleated that can gain mana gains 3 mana.”

Compleated hint

“Phyrexian gems, when matched, make you lose life and give extra mana to cards with Compleated in your hand.”

Phyrexian hint

Compleated is an evergreen that enables a unique interaction with Phyrexian gems. When a player matches a Phyrexian gem, if the player has a minimal life value and has a card with Compleated in their hand, they will lose a small amount of life and, in return, the first card with Compleated in their hand will gain a small amount of mana.


Phyrexian gem


“A creature becomes Tapped when it attacks. A Tapped creature can't attack. It Untaps at the end of the turn.”


New Planeswalker:

Ajani, Sleeper Agent

Ajani the hero, Ajani the protector, Ajani the kind. This leonin planeswalker worked dutifully to keep the multiverse safe and pure, ridden of all threats and corruption. And now that he has been Compleated, he will finally be able to fulfill his mission and bring the glory of Phyrexia to all of Dominaria!


Phyrexian Poison
(Green/White) Support Card (2) Token, Resilient, Can't Be Destroyed, Level
“This Support has Can’t Be Destroyed.
At the beginning of your turn: Create a Phyrexian gem. 
When you match a Phyrexian gem: Increase this card's Level by 1. 
When you cast a Creature card or a Vanguard card: Increase this card's Level by 1. If this card's Level is 10 or more — Create a Phyrexian Myr token. That creature gets +30/+30 and gains Hexproof, Trample, Prevent Damage"

Jaya, Fiery Negotiator

After many years, Jaya Ballard returns to her home plane once more. This time, to defend it from a fearsome phyrexian invasion. She has seen and done a lot since she left Dominaria, but the old fire is still strong in her heart and she will burn it all if needed.

Passive Ability

Fiery Disciples
When you cast a spell card: Create a Red Monk token. This effect can trigger only once per turn.


Red Monk
(Red) Creature Card (1/1) Token
“Prowess: This creature gets +X/+X until end of turn. X is 1 plus its reinforcements.”

Karn, Living Legacy

Inheriting both his creator’s ingenuity and shame, Karn, the Silver Golem made planeswalker sought to undo many dangers left in the multiverse through his Legacy. The infection that once affected both him and the world he created now threatens his creator’s birthplace. Karn shall use all his wisdom and might to drive Phyrexia back, once and for all!



(Colorless) Support Card - Artifact Powerstone (2) Token

“This support can’t be reinforced. When you match this support’s gem: The first Artifact card in your hand that can gain mana gains 3 mana. If it can’t - The first card in your hand that can gain mana gains 1 mana. Then, disable this support until end of turn.

When you match an Artifact support’s gem: If this support has the Deciphered Emblem: An opposing Vanguard support loses 1 shield. If it can’t - Deal 1 damage to the first opposing creature. If you can’t, deal 1 damage to your opponent’s Planeswalker.”

Liliana of the Veil

Liliana Vess was once a planeswalker short of compassion, seeing other individuals as mere  tools for achieving her goals, means to an end. Some of her past experiences, however, changed her perspectives drastically. Now, she returns to her birthplace one more time, called by the mysterious Raven Man, to find it invaded by Phyrexia. Liliana shall fight with all her power, not only for herself, but to protect Dominaria.

Passive Ability

Power of the Veil

When a card enters vour opponent's graveyard: You may lose 3 life. If you do: Gain 3 Loyalty. This effect can trigger only once per turn.


Curse of the Veil

(Black) Support Card - Emblem (1) Token

“When a card enters your opponent’s graveyard: Your opponent loses X life. If that is a creature card - Convert X gems to Loyalty gems. Otherwise: Convert X gems to Black. X is this support’s shield.”.

  • New Event

  •  Revolving Planeswalk 

    • 5 different themes, 5 different days

    • Event Type: PvP.

    • Entrance Fee: 20 Mana Crystals.

    • Deck Restrictions: Standard.

    • Rewards: Progression.

    • # of Nodes: 5 nodes that are unlocked according to players' victories.

    • Any Planeswalker matching the node’s color is allowed.

    • Initial Charges (per node): 2  | Max Charges (per node): 4

    • Recharge Time: 2h

    • Event Duration: 22h

  • Changes:

  • Standard format
    Legacy and Standard format will change with the release of DMU set.
    Standard Format: ORI, PMA, JMP, MID, VOW, NEO, SNC, DMU

  • Updated Standard Booster Reward in Events
    The Standard Booster reward in the Nodes of Power and Battle from the Ages events now includes cards from Dominaria United (DMU). The Booster contains duplicable cards.

  • Update Exclusive Card Booster
    New Exclusive Cards have been added to the Exclusive Card Booster in the Battle from the Ages event.
  • Loop Prevention System change
    Loop cancelation has been changed to the first time the loop occurs, instead of the second time. 

  • Change in Jumpstart Event
    Players that participate in the Jumpstart event will receive the themed Boosters at once, instead of when the event ends. 

  • Added new cards to the Signature Spellbook All Colors Pack
    The PMA Signature Spellbook  All Colors Pack will receive 7 missing Puzzle Masters (PMA) Cards. 

  • The following events will be changed to Legacy events:

    • A Timeless Voyage (PvP) - Coalition

    • Rise of Adventure (PvP) - Coalition

    • Doomskar Claimants (PVP) - Coalition

    • Skoti Bloodline (PvP) 

    • You've Found an Entrance (PvE)

  • Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where sometimes the kicker text prompt was not displayed at the Tutorial

  • Fixed the issue that when the player bought certain planeswalkers having all cards of its beginner deck, the animation of the updated deck overlaps the conversion summary.

  • Fixed an issue where in the Kaldheim tutorial, the screen flickered when pressing the "Got It!" button

  • Fixed the issue where sometimes the Bundle Contents Prompt was not displayed. 

  • Fixed the issue where the autofill text displayed after exiting event deck edit.

  • Fixed the issue where the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID) collection appeared displaced at the Booster Crafting main screen and Collection Selector.

  • Fixed the issue where some Innistrad: Crimson Vow (VOW) Tokens and Card Tokens were missing their artwork.

  • Fixed the issue where the Reconfigured tokens were not replaced if the player tried to gain control from an opposing creature while having three creatures on its battlefield

  • Fixed issue with Disable and Gain Control Mechanics. When an opposing creature was disabled, and the player took control of it, it remained disabled for more turns than expected.

Card Gallery:

Cards might still be balanced in terms of Mana Cost, Shield, P/T, and other values before the release.