Character growth

Akoni Posts: 771 Critical Contributor
Add a background counter that tallies wins with a particular character and reward that character with a shard every X wins.

This mechanic is similar to what is seen Pokemon Go where the more you use a character, the stronger they get. Players have favorite characters. Having those characters improve feels good. Each cover and shard earned/won (regardless of amount) gives the player a sense of accomplishment. 

The counter for this can remain in the background with no changes to the UI. The counter would track wins with that character only and provide the character with 1 shard every 5 wins, for example. This is an extension of the Favorite mechanic currently applied in-game. 

Currently, players favorite a character as a means to obtain shards for the character they ultimately want. This is a passive use of a character since the character is not actually utilized. Adding this experience reward mechanic would encourage players to actually use the favorited character. For example, I may favorite 3* Hawkeye, but use 3* Wolverine as my third in Deadpool Daily. This reward opportunity would encourage me to not only favorite my 3* Hawkeye, but use him on a team in Deadpool Daily.


  • Jacklag
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    I think that suggestion is contrary to the goal of the game of using a diversified roster. You will probably feel very bad when you need to to a required node or PvP event with one of those characters you rarely use.
  • Akoni
    Akoni Posts: 771 Critical Contributor

    I understand what you are saying, but I don't think a match here or there with other characters will make that much of a difference. Yes, there will be some strategy maximizers who may be annoyed because every single second isn't being dedicated to that one specific character, but that already happens anyway. We are required to use required characters that we rarely use in PvP or PvE all the time. How often are you choosing 3* Blade? Yet, when his PvP pops up everyone uses him. Even if the desired character cannot be utilized in a specific PvP event, that character can still be used in all other PvP and PvE events providing plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the suggested mechanic.