Marvel Puzzle Quest R261 Release Notes (9/28/22)

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Hi Everyone - 

Here are the R261 Release Notes.

"Easily understood..."

  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with special Hispanic-inspired in-game events and login rewards!
  • “An update for little old me?” Deadpool’s Daily Quest revamp goes live!
  • Fight to the top of the leaderboard with Spider-Man 2099 in his special PVP event!
  • Jump into the new PVP season of Power on 9/22!

Thank you for playing!



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    Easily understood...

    Hispanic month begins from Sep 15 to Oct 15. 

    Based on Marvel new comic Comunidades, I suppose it can be narrowed down to White Tiger, Shark-Girl or Chimera, since already have Nova, 2099 and Miles Morals. Since Chimera is a new character designed, I guess Chimera.