Banner's "Gamma Ray Experiment" does not trigger after re-transformation

Omegased Posts: 580 Critical Contributor
Hi All,

Firstly - love the Banner Rework. he's genuinely fun now, and useful.

I have found that if Hulk turns back into Banner, his Gamma Ray Experiment will no longer trigger.

to be clear

Match start
Banner is a pretty cool guy
Converts 3 to green and deals XX damage when less than 9 green tiles are on the board
Banner turns to Hulk - Smooshing occurs
Hulk is Downed, reverts to Banner
Gamma Ray Experiment no longer triggers no matter how low the green tiles are

I'm running Banner/Sersi/Gargantos (Sersi is limiting Green, to insure his passive goes off).

Let me know if I can share any further details.


  • Omegased
    Omegased Posts: 580 Critical Contributor
    edited August 2022
    unbelievably, I paused the game to post this, when i resumed the game, it triggered.

    So I'm going to say "doesn't fire consistently".... :neutral:
  • akboyce
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    I am having similar issues. Not sure what the trigger is. Maybe backgrounder the app? But my Banner is doing damage but not making green tiles with his gamma ray experiment.
  • Omegased
    Omegased Posts: 580 Critical Contributor
    So it doesn't seem to be linked to retransformation.

    This round he was dealing damage, but not creating green tiles. I don't think it's linked to Sersi, as I've just played with Gargantos/Ultron/Banner, and he was creating only 2 green tiles instead of 3.

  • Zalasta
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    Bump. I’ve noticed this behavior of not putting out green tiles (board less than 9), or putting out less than 3 green tiles during this boost week.

  • Sidebernie
    Sidebernie Posts: 26 Just Dropped In

    This still seems to be happening. I don't usually use him, but I've been using him while he's boosted, and I'm seeing very inconsistent behavior with this power, against enemies that shouldn't have any effect on it.

  • mooken
    mooken Posts: 52 Match Maker

    Can confirm that it's not consistently triggering, even on 2nd turn after match starts. I've had it not trigger whether he's in front or in the back. Does the damage but doesn't trigger green tile generation (and no enemy abilities blocking). Happened w 3 green on board, 4 on board, 5 on board.

  • NastyFox
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    happened to me too in the puzzle gauntlet (we fight him on a mission), but his power worked on my attack tiles, just not on basic or protect tiles, but every non-green attack tile i had was turned into a green tile at the start of his turn. idk if it can help, but for me it was not random.