New mode/feature suggestions

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I think the devs only respond in Q&As, but I thought I'd do a little feeler myself for what kind of features people want out here, and who knows, maybe a dev will see this thread?

My suggestion is a new character tier "Cosmic". It'll be 6* characters in their strongest form. I'm talking "It's my behemoth vs your behemoth". Characters like Galactus, Eternity, Ego, Dormans, Mangog, Scathan, The Living Tribunal, Arishem, Death, Deadpool, TOAA, TOBA. Absolute powerhouses.

I want like level 600 to be the base, and 1000 to be 13 covers. I want match damage starting at 10k per tile. Health pools in the millions. Abilities that do hundreds of thousands in damage.

Obviously it'll be it's own mode where a 6* can only fight a 6*. Maybe 1v1 or three same team dynamic 3v3.

I'm not there yet myself, but this could be a great new item that could open up after player level 120 or something. A new mode for the late game player


  • ickysticky
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    Oh, another feature I just thought of: shard bumping.

    So at the moment if you choose no favourite char, the shards go to one randomly. What about a deliberately empty slot that you can use as a bank for your shards. Then same as milestone rewards, if you want to redeem then against a character, you can favourite them, enter a valid amount in an input, and then apply them to that character.

    Part 2 of this is the upscaling. I'm going to give a more dev-friendly conversion rate here loosely taking tokens as indicators of relative worth.
    Say you have 90 3* shards banked. You can upscale them to 30 4* shards, and maybe upscale those again to 3 5* shards. And the caveat is that you can't just whip unused shards off characters, you have to expressly use the ones in your 'bank'.
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    I wouldn't mind seeing this it would give 5 star players and soft cap 5 stars a taste of the own medicine, the way they pound on 4 star players and below. i still think Dormammu and The Living Tribunal would make great boss events.
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    Banks usually give interest rates for deposits. Will we get one for shards bank as well? 
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    Banks usually give interest rates for deposits. Will we get one for shards bank as well? 
    To be fair with the economy we have now I wouldn't be surprised if there was a negative interest rate!
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    1) share resources within an alliance.  The caveat being that you have to be in the same alliance for a set time (2 seasons?) to prevent abuse and to make alliances mean something.

    2) a random button on team select.  Might be fun