New Character Wishlist Firestar

I was Really hoping The 5 star they were going to release would be Firestar* Especially with Spider-Man and his Anniversary and All. Lesser Known Characters have made the Cut. Why Not Firestar? I know my Generation would love that! What Powers would you Guys Like to See For Her? I'd like Something where she could go Airborne and Have Some Kind of Fire Blast, A Melting Heat To Damage All Opponents and A Protect Tile or recoup damage. 


  • Akoni
    Akoni Posts: 781 Critical Contributor
    I'd like to see the following for Firestar

    Power 1: Firestar goes airborne for X turns. If an enemy fires a power while Firestar is airborne, she deals high damage to that enemy.

    Power 2: Destroy all Red tiles dealing damage but not generating AP. Increase Firestar's Red match damage for each tile destroyed.

    Power 3: Create a X-turn Countdown tile that deals low damage to the enemy team each turn. This tile counts down while Firestar is airborne. While this tile is present Firestar cannot be stunned.
  • Youngblood1492
    Youngblood1492 Posts: 3 Just Dropped In

    I would love This Actually for FIRESTAR! But the New 5 star is SUNFIRE. And they have the Same Abilities. I'm so Bummed. Are we ever Gonna get Her?