Bug, or not? iHulk revived even though his abilities were disabled

JSP869 Posts: 819 Critical Contributor
In Spider-Man (Oscorp) PvP I targeted iHulk with Spider Glider which disabled his abilities.

The Spider Glider tile appeared to prevent The Green Door from activating on iHulk's next turn, and so it seems it doesn't just affect active abilities but affects passive abilities, too.

On my next turn I downed iHulk but he was immediately revived, courtesy of What Does Kill Me, even though that ability should have been disabled due to Spider Glider.

The Spider Glider tile did become a basic tile when iHulk was downed, however, it was on the Board at the time he was downed, and at that time it should have been disabling What Does Kill Me and preventing him from reviving.


  • JimboJambo
    JimboJambo Posts: 125 Tile Toppler
    Colossus' yellow passive also appears to be unaffected by Spider Glider. I placed the tile and Colossus continued to reduce damage.
  • fractalvisions
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    Peggy Carter's yellow passive also appears to be unaffected. Even after I used Spider Glider on her, the AP cost of my powers did not return to normal.
  • JimboJambo
    JimboJambo Posts: 125 Tile Toppler

    Is there any update on this? We have just had a Spider-man oscorp PVP and Spider Glider still has no effect on reviving powers. If this working as intended then the wording of the ability should be amended to make it clear that revive abilities are unaffected. Under the current wording, this is a bug.

  • HoundofShadow
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    4* Emma's purple power doesn't stop them from reviving as well.