Oscorp Spider-Man Mirrormatch bug

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Anybody else seeing an opponent Oscorp Egg Bomb coming out passively on opponent turn 1 at the start of a match in Flyswatting? neither the blue nor the purple passive abilities indicate that this should be happening, and no subsequent friendly egg bomb repeater appears when the turn cycles back to the player, though the player's purple passive seems to be working properly and immediately locking that tile. 

Additionally, the repeater creates a duplicate of itself when it briefly unlocks and relocks between turns, rather than "moving" like the power description says it will, resulting in two tiles (one of which locks). Basically Oscorp Spider-Man (opponent) is getting to fire off Oscorp Egg Bombs 2x times for free because of this interaction seemingly?


  • ArchusMonk
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    I assumed the first was occurring because I damaged him. 

    (Passive) When a Spider-Bot has activated 2 times, it becomes a Trap tile that deals 93 damage, stuns the enemy for 1 turn(s), and activates all other Spider-Bot Trap tiles. Whenever Spider-Man takes 130 or more damage, he creates 1 Spider-Bot(s). (Max level 180 damage dealt, 253 damage threshold)

    I’m not sure on your other thing. That tile does seem very buggy, however. I feel like I’ve seen the email tile stay on the board and locked after I kill the opponent Spidey. Also, I have yet to be able to use the red TU he gives out - even when there are web tiles on the board. Nothing happens when I click the TU.