The entry free for JUMP/START is atrocious.

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I thought the "Battle Though the Ages" was bad, but at least your rewards are decent.  320 mana crystals is crazy. I get that it's the same cost as a current super pack.  But instead of being guaranteed 5 booster packs and a bonus, you may get close to nothing (if I'm understanding the rules correctly).

I'm really bummed that I won't be able to join unless I spend $20, and many others will probably pay this and therefore increase the likelihood that this will happen again.

Do you guys think the entry fee is acceptable?


  • ertaii
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    It is not.
    The idea of draft is good though, but the price compared to the rewards is inadequate.
    Maybe someone will change my mind but good luck with that!
  • Tremayne
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    My position is that I’m unsure about the entry fee is reasonable. Mainly, because I have no idea what I’m getting for my entry fee. But I suppose paying 320 gold for a few hundred orbs is the going rate for a lot of PP, so maybe that is all one should expect.

    The event page list a lot of information but very little concrete information, like there is a Basri pack, but what does that contain?
    Or I’d like to get the blue mythic in the jumpstart set (I’m not a blue player, but blue gets all the OP cards repeatedly, so that seems a safer bet than say the white mythic unicorn) But how do I get it? Is that in the milling pack as has been speculated by someone this forum. Who knows, will I risk 320 gold to find out - heck no!

    And what happens if I chose wrong and I have all the cards in the wrong package, will I then get all chaff (common and uncommon), who knows.

    So I expect to wait until others have provided the information that Oktagon seems reluctant to provide. I just hope the event isn’t bugged, but why should it be that I wonder?!?
  • arevala
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    I think the only way it can worth it is by giving non dupe standard packs.
    So, Id like to know that... Otherwise the best you can do is just not playing it, Oktagon have to know prices are absurd.
    Every event shoud be for free since you can spend money and resources in a lot of other ways. Events should be just for fun and getting fair rewards in exchange of keeping the game alive.
  • spellsmasher
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    After playing it, the entry is way too high. The deck one plays is terrible.

    I feel this is like role reversal and colors of magic. A way not to play this game, it removes all of the fun elements of the game. Not sure what I was thinking of just skipping this mode, but I thought it might be worth it. I played teferri with pirates, and got beaten twice in a row, having cards I could not play and terrible mana bonuses. All of the walkers have a +2 to thier color, and a +1 to all others. 

    The only way I was able to get a win was to get enough loyalty and copy my opponent's creatures. 

  • BongoTheGrey
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    I like the idea of a limited event. I like the idea of you having to play with a **** deck and making the best of it since Greg will also have a **** random deck.

    What I absolutely hate is not knowing which cards you can get from each pack. It seems like you get a guaranteed mythic vanguard related to the PW of your choice. I chose Teferi and got the Teferi Master of Time vanguard. I know some other player who chose Basri and got the Basri mythic Vanguard. That alone covers the 320 entrance fee since that vanguard would cost you 400 pinks and that's a lot more than 320 crystals. But since we don't know what we get we can't try to make the best out of those 320 we payed. If you already have all those then it probably doesn't feel that good, but still covers the entrance fee provided that it is a guaranteed mythic vanguard that can only be otherwise obtained by paying 400 pinks.

    @Oktagon_Support Should let us know the cards that we could get when we select each PW and each theme. Something like "If you chose Pirates you can get any pirate from this 60 Pirate card pool" since the Jumpstart set only has 2 pirate cards.

    That way you know that you have a chance of getting X good pirate that you don't already have and go for it
  • Bubbles_CS
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    The cost combined with the lack of information described here is exactly why this won’t pull me back into the game.
  • Firstofhisname419
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    What is the refresh rate on this?  I've played my 5 games, and it just says 0; doesn't say when I'll have 5 more charges. 
  • Firstofhisname419
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    Tezzeret said:
    I knew I would be dissapointed. I just didn't know I would be this pissed.   

    D3: Setting low expectations and consistently failing to live up to them. 
  • jtwood
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    I won't be playing this. The cards you get in the packs are not good at all with the exception of one (and maybe another). It's not worth gambling that much just to hope for a single card.
  • Valkyrja
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    The concept of JUMP/START is really fun and innovative.  I'm happy to pay money to support a game that has given me hundreds of hours of entertainment, and I've spent probably $175 or so on this game since I started playing it in 2015.

    But this is the first time I've seen such an obvious paywall to participate in the content.  It is extremely disappointing and I have a sinking feeling this is going to be the new norm.  :'(

    I hope @Oktagon_Support takes a good look at this thread and seriously reconsiders their future plans for MTGPQ events if it involves more of this blatant whale-hunting.
  • khurram
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    The concept behind the event is good. The content itself, not so much. The 320 entry fee would be justified if EACH of the themed pack had at least one chase worthy card. As it is now, it is totally understandable that the people who dared to try out this event ended up feeling cheated out of their hard earned crystals.

    And the fact that the rules for event decks were not made 100% clear. I for one was caught completely off guard when i selected a blue Planeswalker but was asked to choose from either a red, a green or a white themed booster.
  • FindingHeart8
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    Unless these Jumpstart cards are permaStandard like Origins and PM than there is no way in heck I'm paying such a high price just for likely a handful of mediocre cards and dupes.  Hard pass.
  • Janosik
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    I didn't play Jumpstart, I was put off by both the bad prizes, and the poor quality games I thought I'd play with the bad Jumpstart cards. I do play events I dislike for the prizes (e.g. Fables of Eldraine), and I might have paid the high cost if the games looked fun to play. I might be wrong, but that's the decision I made.

    People I talked to seemed happier to play ZvE this week; comparable events since both are bundled with their own unique cards. However it does seem like perhaps a number of players played the bare minimum of games in ZvE to get the prizes (i.e. 1 game in the Final Duel), but weren't interested in playing multiple games and engaging with the spirit of the event.

    I think my favorite event which comes bundled with it's own unique cards is Seize the Day.

    It seems a shame that the PMA set was never accompanied by a PMA event, and although that's probably wise considering the lowest rarity value in PMA is rare and so it's very expensive to acquire, I'd rather have seen it contain more (playable!) cards of lower rarities and had an event attached to it. It always felt to me like PMA was what we got that year instead of a Duel Deck event.