Fitbit's treasures

fox1342_2 Posts: 24 Just Dropped In
There's a better* chance that I'd buy crystals if I could see the card details that fitbit is offering. It's slightly annoying that if you don't have a huge crystal store you can only see the card names and not the abilities. 

Yes I could try to remember the spellings and look them up in card finder, but that's just extra steps and I CBA.

Also please have the 'exclusive' design cards appear as already in my deck if I own the 'ordinary' version of the card. Or at least a toggle option.

*admittedly not very much of a chance, but it's more likely. I could compete for more crystals if I thought it worthwhile.


  • stikxs
    stikxs Posts: 514 Critical Contributor
    If you tap on the crystal cost in fblthp's shop it brings up a summary/confirmation screen before charging you and in that screen you can tap on the cards to see them right there. This also works for any money purchase packs too. The only catch is you have to currently have enough crystals to actually buy the card because otherwise it just redirects to the crystal purchase window.