Taco Vault: Spicy Suggestion

There's a 4* reward in the spicy vault and this is the process I have to go through each time I want to see whether the cover is worth chasing (see what the next champ rewards is). Starting from the spicy vault
  1. Press the back button
  2. Press roster
  3. Press filter
  4. Press 4*
  5. Press to clear the filter
  6. Press Level
  7. Press Name (A-Z)
  8. Scroll through the looooooooooooong list of 4* characters until I find the one in the spicy vault
  9. Click on the character
All just to see whether it's worth burning my spicy tokens.

It sure would be nice to be able to click the cover in the spicy vault and have a button on the cover screen that takes me to my rostered character to immediately know whether I want to chase the cover. Heck, it would be nice to have that feature for covers in any of the vaults.

It may be tough to work out for rosters that have two of the character in question but all those clicks get annoying.