Upcoming Bonus Character Release (8/5/22)

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Hey all,

It’s new character release time again! We’ll be apprising you of the newest character’s abilities on Monday, as our ordinary course. However, we wanted to inform you that after this new character, we’ll be releasing a bonus 4-Star character to the game the week after! This is in addition to the normal release schedule, so we’ll be releasing the next 4-Star as usual, another 4-Star the next week, then the standard 5-Star release.

To assist with the distribution of this sudden character windfall, we’ll be giving away a copy of this bonus character, pro bono. We hope you’ll look forward to both the next character’s reveal and the information drop on this bonus character next week!

In Brief:

  • 8/5 - Spoiler-Free for 4-Star clue character “Something borrowed… something green”
  • 8/8 - Information on 4-Star character, clue for 4-Star Bonus character
  • 8/11 - Release of 4-Star character
  • 8/12 - Spoiler Free for 4-Star Bonus character
  • 8/15 - Information on 4-Star Bonus character
  • 8/18 - Release and free cover of 4-Star Bonus character
  • (Return to standard schedule) 8/19 - Spoiler-Free of 5-Star character