Dakkon, Shadow Slayer The Strongest 3-Color Planeswalker in MTGPQ?

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Full Review, is he the STRONGEST walker in the Game now?

Today's Quest: The BALLAD of Dakkon Blackblade! (SLAYER!)

- PRIZE GIVEAWAY (Non-Dupe SNC Rare Packs?)
- Pauper, Peasant, Mythic builds.
- Is he Worth the IRL Money/Gold... YES!!!!! 


Enjoy and let me know what your thoughts are on Dakkon.

THANKYOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU!  @Oktagon_Support For Early Access to this Walker!


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    SLAYER!!!!!! Time Stamps:

    00:00 The Ballad Of Dakkon BlackBlade

    3:14 Intro:


    4:00 Dakkon, Shadow Slayer Bundle Review

    4:37 What's in the Bundle?

    5:26 Dakkon, Walker Overview & First impressions

    6:14 1st Ability: Bearer of the BlackBlade

    7:46 2nd Ability: One's Vengeance Path

    8:33 3rd Ability: Forged By Greed

    8:50 Forging the BlackBlade Support

    10:03 Mana Gain Review

    10:24 Nalthazar Shout Out

    10:46 Dakkon's Announcement.: RULES & CONTEST!!!!


    12:23 Pauper Build: Deck Overview
    13:44 Deck Screen Shot (*CLICK*)
    13:58 Pauper Game Play
    22:11 Rumor Gatherer Spotlight

    Peasant Build

    22:37 Peasant Build: Deck Overview
    22:56 Deck Screen Shot (*CLICK*)
    23:06 Peasant Game Play

    Mythic Build: 

    27:40 Mythic Build Deck OverView (THE MOST IMPORTANT CARD YOU NEED FOR SLAYER)
    29:13 Mythic Build Screen Shot (*THPP*)
    29:23 Mythic Game Play

    34:34 Final Thoughts/Recap

    36:39 A Special Message From Dakkon
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    So I've had a few ask... Yes that is me actually playing the Guitar from top to bottom.

    Well Except where Dakkon is Playing his bits :wink: