Trigger limt?

fox1342_2 Posts: 33 Just Dropped In
A suggestion: enact a trigger limit on all cards. No effect can trigger more than 4? (to be discussed) times a turn.

This would prevent a lot of infinite combos - yes they're fun to play but they're more annoying to receive, and a lot of the loop effects would be solved. 

If it's not a trigger it wouldn't be capped, so you could still summon a lot of zombies from Tainted Adversary, but only the 1st four would trigger Diregraf or Lilliana's ultimate. 

Is there anything this would break? Is 4 too low? I've no idea who practical this would be to code, but some effects already have a limit. so maybe it's possible. 


  • Metroplex78
    Metroplex78 Posts: 40 Just Dropped In
    I hate trigger combos, Highborn Vampire+Curse of Vitality come to mind, yes limit them by making them self-destruct after a set number of uses.