support shards

iamxzo Posts: 65 Match Maker

the main goal is to add some development method for favorite supports while expanding on existing mechanics ( affiliations and champion levels ), while improving players experience and providing more products to store offers, everybody wins :)

support shards would be distributed trough championed characters progression

there would be many types of shards, based on affiliations, for example "team cap shards", "villains shards" they could be given to players every few champion levels for 3 and 4* and every champion level for 5*, but also added to the store bundles or perhaps even deadpools daily

3* giving 1-3* support shards trough progression, on average you would have to champ like 10 3* to actually get shards for 1 3* support

4* giving 4* supports shards some amount of shards every x levels ?

5* giving 5* supports shards (most difficult to get so each level after 450* should give small amount of shards, maybe even 1 shard per level and per affiliation, so 3 affiliations = 3 different shards. 50 specific shards required to upgrade support to 5*

some characters could have better shard rates, for instance kate bishop would have extra pizza dog shards

pros: players would be able to focus championing characters based on long term goal, for instance I would have to focus villains to obtain decent amount of "villains shards" in order to level up villains related support

shards could be included in micro transactions for sure, would make good seller and additional product for devs

devs could also come up with one new support per season to make it interesting, supports related to new characters would be cool to begin with