Will new 3-Star Characters Get SHIELD Training?

Hammer3001 Posts: 125 Tile Toppler
Since we’re getting new 3-Star characters in September; I was wondering if the SHIELD Training would be part of their release pattern?


  • HoundofShadow
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    When Shield Training was first created in 2017, it was designed with 4* in mind. The dev did mention adding an extra two nodes or so for DDQ this September due to 3*.

    I don't know if there's any similar event for 3* pre 2018.
  • dianetics
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    I’m not sure who the event would benefit.
    3* players will probably find it too challenging.
    4* players will probably not really need the rewards.
    5* players would find it too easy, and they wouldn’t need the rewards either.

    If they brought introducing events back it would be more applicable.
  • Hammer3001
    Hammer3001 Posts: 125 Tile Toppler
    I was thinking they could make it more for the new players with lower levels.

    It would be a way to encourage newer players.

  • Dok12
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    Wasn't here when three stars were coming out so I don't know how it was like, but I do like how the current Shield training gives you space to try out their powers and gives out shards. 
  • DAZ0273
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    SHIELD Training didn't exist during the period of the 5/3 release schedule so the first chance you got to try them out with a loaner was their PVP (5* PVP also did not exist at that time so the 3 always got a release PVP) unless you got them from a vault or whatever. As the loaner in Strange Sights was the 5* Doc you never even got to try them there.

    I seem to remember that 3* Strange covers were in the 3 PVE vaults when Strange Sights was first run, so you had a higher than average chance of getting him decently covered early doors.

    I'm not sure we really need SHIELD Training for 3* but it might be fun if they revamped something like System Reboot for it or incorporated them into Grand Prix or something like that so you can win extra covers.
  • Scofie
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    I think with every new release being a feeder, the 3* will help drive the 4* and new 5*. So worth doing for the fun of it, if nothing else, but I'd hope that the painful nodes would be easier to reflect lower rewards. 

    That said, the DDQ revamp would be a far better vehicle as mentioned above.