PVE - visibility of full points value in nodes

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From time to time I try to play PVE competitively for placement and as we know, completing nodes as late as possible in second clearing is crucial point. I often face the problem of not knowing how many points are left to full value and if I should wait a little more or is it like 1 point away from max so no point of risking - it's easy in nodes with even value (f.ex 100 so when one sees 98 points, they can calculate if they can wait or not) but with nodes having random numbers like 319, 361 etc I find it hard to remember all max values.

So the suggestion is: Could you please add small number next to the points indicator which would show max value as well? Like 99/100, something like that.


  • DeNappa
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    Can I point you to my (self-proclaimed) excellent suggestion about this here