Thor: Love and Thunder token being buggy?

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I have two accounts.

On my main account I played the 2* Deadpool’s Daily Quests using 2* Thor a couple of hours ago, a few hours after the daily quests reset.

I didn’t earn a Love and Thunder vault token.

An hour or so later, I played the same DDQ nodes with my second account.

I earned the vault token right away.

I then tried earning the token with my main account again. I played the Dat Character Required (essential) DDQ node with the 3* Thor.

Again, I didn’t get given the vault token.

Lastly, I played the DDQ The Big Enchilada (waves) node with a 4* Thor.

Yet again, I didn’t get given the vault token.

So on my main account I’ve now played and won four missions with three different Thors — any of which should have earned me a token — but none of them have.

Meanwhile things have worked exactly as intended on my second account.

I know I haven’t accidentally missed earning the token as I’ve been making sure I earned tokens on both accounts at the same time.

Until now they have both had an identical number of tokens but now the number I have on my main account is three while the number I have on my second account has risen to four.

Can something be done about this, please?


  • Bullroarer
    Bullroarer Posts: 13 Just Dropped In
    Immediately after posting this I decided to try closing and restarting my app, to see if that made a difference.

    Happily, it did.

    I played and won a mission with a Thor on my team and got awarded the token.

    In future I’ll be restarting my app before trying to earn the tokens and I suggest that other people who’ve had issues with them try doing the same.