Hellfire Gala Gifts Update (6/29/22)

LakeStone Posts: 1,377 Community Moderator
Hi Everyone - 

Just wanted to pop in as there is some confusion about the Hellfire Gala gifts in MPQ.  We understand that some players have received these gifts (Cyclops Hellfire Gala Costume + 400 Shards for Cyclops (Classic) and some have not.  The release of these gifts did not go out as planned and we apologize for this confusion. For the players that have not received the gifts as of yet, we have scheduled these rewards to go out later tonight at 10pm PST. 

We appreciate your patience but hope everyone enjoys his new costume!  And stay tuned for X-23 (All-New Wolverine) next week!


  • LakeStone
    LakeStone Posts: 1,377 Community Moderator
    Gifts came out earlier and they are rolling out to all players now.  Thank you again everyone for your patience.
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