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  • bladewing
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    For me, saving up at least 12 green AP is the way to go for firing Hulking's green power. Otherwise, the Smash tiles would likely get matched/destroyed or transformed into regular tiles by the opponent's Hulkling via the yellow power before I could gather more green AP.

    I've been running my usual Polaris & under-covered BRB for this PVP. The problem I experienced with using Hulkling as a third for the BRB/Polaris team is there's often no more than a few basic green tiles that I could transform into his Smash Tile because the board is usually filled with SAP tiles due to Polaris. You need at least 3 Smash Tiles before you can activate the tile destruction ability, and I encountered many instances where I could only transform 1 or 2 basic green tiles to Smash ones, thereby rendering his most destructive power inert.
  • bladewing
    bladewing Posts: 124 Tile Toppler
    KGB said:
    Something interesting I saw today in Shield Training when doing the Thing/SL/Mordo node.

    I fired his Green for the 3rd time and it smashed the tiles. That's meant to end the turn (and it had previous times I fired it) but this time the board shake cascaded into a match 5. That gave me another turn instead of ending the turn which allowed me to fire it 3 more times.

    So the end turn component can be bypassed with a bit of luck.

    Interesting. Nice find!
  • HoundofShadow
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    I think Hulkling is just there to speed up protect tiles creation, fortify them and generates aps in BRB/Polaris team. Sometimes you have many protect tiles on the board but you can't match them at all. So, Hulkling could help with that particular situation using his green. In late games, he's there to spend your purple and yellow aps, which neither BRB nor Polaris has any use for.
  • Bad
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    I cleared it with sersi.
    Sadly sersi died. But I had at the end of the battle 2 strike tiles of 15k and one of 7.5k.
    Then firing hulking's cheap green 5 times decimated full star lord and mordo.
  • darkman84
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    Ah ok, that's why they're so big, I thought I had missed something in the character description. But those numbers are actually for a 485 level Hulkling.
  • teky
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    not gonna lie, this dude is really good…. and fun. it’s nice to have a new meta in the mix. 
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    There were times when I knew powers of all characters of my roster (not exact numbers, but type of power). With growing number of them I'm no longer able to remember most of their powers. And powers like Hulkling's purple really don't help with this as it's 3 in 1. But playing him as required character was quite fun, so far I see him above average among 4*.
  • Vhailorx
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    Is he a feeder?
  • HoundofShadow
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    Wanda, his mother-in-law.