Remove the expiry date from covers

Inarius Posts: 138 Tile Toppler
This was probably already requested, but does anyone still remembers what the purpose of it was in the first place?
For a hoarder like myself that keeps covers in order to complete the dailies that require learning 3 powers it's frustrating to always having to check what covers are about to expire each day so that i could use them to complete the daily.
And if left unchecked the cover auto sells on its own and you're left scratching your head what cover it was, or what star if you don't stop to read the popup that informs you a cover was auto-sold (it's how i lost a 5* cover).
This is not a feature that benefits the player, nobody feels good about the stuff they get being taken away cause of one day of negligence.


  • Natenatenate
    Natenatenate Posts: 6 Just Dropped In
    Maybe stop opening tokens then. You have two weeks to roster a cover, so if you can't get the HP needed in that timeframe, that's on you
  • DeNappa
    DeNappa Posts: 1,374 Chairperson of the Boards
    The reason that covers expire is because it's just about the core of MPQ's business model. So I wouldn't expect them to change this. By having the covers on a timer, people that don't have the roster slots to recruit an expiring cover are driven to HP purchases. Psychology baby, people hate to see stuff go to waste or miss out.