Tired of Wizard Class? Try some Samurai instead!

Mkvenner Posts: 7 Just Dropped In
Since it seems to be running the meta, I’ve been tooling around with something else that’s combo but not WC. It seems fairly difficult to come up with much other than WC so aside from directly stopping it with Test of Talents or Rolling Vortex so here it is. I call it Rite Healer. It can come in two flavors but this is my preferred and I run it with the PW Calix, Destiny’s Hand. One way is to have Healer of the Pride out, cast Eiganjo Uprising at full stored mana and then drop Fortifying Draught to make the tokens really big and swing that turn because they have haste  this works because when HOTP activates it’s keeps the enlisted gems in the top 3 slots on the board. When you match one of them you gain two life. Normally your matching at least two each time a samurai comes into play but you also get to convert Gems each time a samurai comes into play on your opponent’s side. I think the least amount of life I have gained in a single turn is 95. There’s also an infinite loop version. If y’all want to see that let me know! I’ll rebuild it and post it here with an explanation!!