Top 10 pve ally recruiting new members

Tachyon15 Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
edited 21 July 2022, 17:44 in MPQ Alliances
Iso_lation is a consistent top 10 pve alliance. 
Our requirements are to play optimal cl10 pve MOST of the time, or else he available to swap out for pve end to replace your less than optimal score. 
Pvp is not a requirement but we like to see some participation to boost alliance rewards. 
Use of Line app for communication really is a must. 
If you're able to clear and grind all cl10 nodes at a fairly decent time then please pm or contact me on line (tachyon15) to discuss further. 

Update 7/21/22 we're mostly full now but would still welcome inquiries about t10 spots on the line app as we have a few that might retire soon.