The Puzzle Quest – Cosmic Community Challenge (6/2/22)

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Hi Everyone –

If you log into MPQ today, you will find a special community challenge that highlights the release of Kamala Khan.  Some super awesome rewards are a part of the challenge with the highest tier achieved gifting 500 Hero Points + 3-Star Kamala Khan + 250 Shards for 5-Star Kamala Khan.

Just to note as some of you may have questions.

  • Additional trivia and/or activities will be added between now and June 10. An in-game message will notify everyone of when new trivia questions appear (be sure to check site if any activities pop up between trivia questions).  There will also be social posts sent out for each trivia question.
  • Rewards will be given out to ALL players after the challenge is done.  Ex: There won’t be a need to let CS know that you are a PC player and were unable to receive a reward given out via a link. 
  • Only 1 rewards tier will be given out.  Whatever Rewards Tier the community ends on at the conclusion will determine prize.

Hopefully this answers all the questions.  Good luck everyone!

Direct Link to Challenge

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