Can someone explain to me what the loop stopper ACTUALLY does?

I just had a TotP White match against Narset. Now, we had 2 Wizard Class on the board (which is beyond broken period in an of itself, but whatever) Manaform Hellkite racking up tokens, and days Undoing or something causing draws over and over. So, I SAW the loop timer activate on the top of the screen, however:
-Cards kept drawing
-Cards kept getting mana
-Cards kept casting
-Creatures kept getting their buffs

So, how does the loop stopper ACTUALLY effect anything if all those things are allowed to happen? I can't even FIND any info about what the loop stopper actually DOES. I see discussion about how long it takes to activate, and all kinds of safeguards to keep it from ruining our experience, but what does it DO. And why is it completely useless  in stopping Greg's loops? Please. Help me.


  • stikxs
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    It's not for stopping Greg's loops, he will almost always choose not to. It was for stopping player-side loops so in the event we made one that didn't stop we could get out of it. It kind of seems like it's there to be a loop restriction but it's not, just a failsafe to get out of it. If Greg starts a loop against you I think it is implied by the devs that you lost the match already.
  • Youzerfriendly
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    If that's accurate stikxs, God help us
  • Lossibob
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    What I'd like to see, is an option to stop the "Infinite Loop", at a point where YOU want to, rather than having tobwait for the game to suggest it.

    Sometimes, when the game asks if you want to end it, you know that you can win the battle once you've played the next 2 or 3 cards in your hand, but that if you stop it before playing them, the opponent will - or MIGHT - win instead, so you turn down the offer to end it, sure enough after 2 cards (and in the case of the last time this happened to me 46 insect token creatures (courtesy of "Scute Swarm" ... and thats a true but SMALL example), you have enough to win, but then you have to sit there watching tokens pile up, creating far too much "overkill", just WAITING for them to ask again if you want to end it! 

    I'd far rather, either at any point, or at the very least once they've made the first offer of "do you want to end this loop", that you have the option of ending it at any time, just by hitting the pause button and having another button there, along with the "Chat" and "Battle" buttons.

    It can be a little frustrating when facing Greg and you've already got enough tokens on the board to kill him, but playing a PvP battle against a coalition member can be a bit embarrassing. The idea in those games is to beat your opponent, not to needlessly humiliate them once the game is won.

    As I said, I know the option is there to stop it when Greg allows, but allowing a further, more focused option would be really useful and I'm certain I'm not the only one who would appreciate it.

    Anyway, that's just my penny's worth of suggestion, thanks for at least taking the time to read it.