Hour of Devastation

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It is wrong that there was ever an event that forced us to play a specific Planeswalker.
It is wrong that it was made a coalition event, forcing us to pit our loyalty against our crystal wallet.
It would be wrong to bring it back again.
It is wrong that we are playing Hour of Devastation this weekend.
It is wrong that the forum listing showed, and still shows as of this hour, "**Coalition Event to be defined", keeping players from having time to object.
It is wrong that Oktagon would not admit that they are foisting this travesty on us and hoped to slip the news in at the last minute.
I am boycotting the enforced sales of Nicol Bolas 1.
I may never buy it. If I ever do, it certainly won't be because Oktagon threatens me with losing things


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    Anarchangel Posts: 42 Just Dropped In
    A helpful suggestion for next time, from a fellow alliance member's reply to very similar text of mine in Discord:
    Hopefully, this could be implemented after this HoD has been cancelled:
    "I am rather surprised that they'd bring it back. I think if it were released today, it'd be like Duel Decks where you get a "loaner" of the relevant planeswalker."
    Note that the "if it were released today" indicates a degree of disbelief that such a thing could even happen.