Hypocrisy with dev team adjustments

Kneyet Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
I have 3 videos saved from the same event where the opponent wizard class turn 2 every turn.  Unfortunately I'm a bad player and I made the mistake of not starting with test of talents in my opening hand. Silly me. Yet yall have already announced killing the curse of vitality loop because it's not fun.  My shortest video of the wizard class loop is 3 and a half minutes long of me having zero interaction while they slowly do 2 damage over and over again.  I do not mind the wizard class loop but your taking out curse of vitality because there is no set up.  Same with wizard class.  Even the other classes have to be built up. Both things need to be changed, but it is disingenuous to say that wizard class is fun to play against which is D3s stance on why curse of vitality is being changed. Do something.