bug with Melinda May

iamxzo Posts: 64 Match Maker
edited 8 April 2022, 16:10 in MPQ Bugs and Technical Issues
downed enemy does not grant bonus ap
I have tested it with champed ShangChi and ddq wave node, if I oneshot the enemy, I dont get the bonus ap, if enemy is at 50%hp and then I kill him, I also do not get extra ap, in case of killing enemy and then cascade causing hitting another enemy ( but still, not killing him, just hitting for over req%, I do get extra ap for that second opponent assuming he was not killed)

please fix as this ability is very interesting and having it working as expected is essential to having fun with some new builds :)

edit, I just did bit more testing and this might be caused by another characte in team, which was valk, sometimes I get extra ap from melinda after oneshooting enemy but it seems that I cant get 2 bonuses that are listed as "once per turn" from different caracters ( here melinda and valk )