Improved Story/PVE Experience

I've seen many requests for more stories, but I would personally rather see the stories improved and become more engaging than more of the same.

Here's some ideas that would improve the PvE experience for me and likely others. 

1. Improved story plot/dialog. Since Marvel characters are clearly licensed/approved for use, what about the stories from the actual comic books? They've already been written, which would save a creative team from coming up with new plots and writing new dialog. This wouldn't apply to newly released comics, so sales are not impacted. Anything available in Marvels Unlimited digital collection would be fair game. 

2. A linear progression through the story. Currently, after completing the first mission of the story several (5 usually?) more missions open, which makes the story seem disjointed. I believe a strict linear story progression that leads the player through the story would be a better experience. 

3. Players can only use characters that are featured in and relevant to the story. In other words, if the only protagonist is Black Widow (e.g. Thick as Thieves) then I should only be allowed to use Black Widow. For players who do not have a Black Widow character, low-level "loaner" Black Widows can be provided (which the game already does in some situations). If the story features a character or certain characters, why am I able to use any character, or forced to use a character that is not relevant to the story? Just takes away from the story when the dialog is clearly between specific characters, but I'm allowed to use any character. 

4. Players can play from either the hero, or villain point of view. This can be done within the same story using logic, or separate stories. Dialog and plot would be the same if based on existing comic. 

Thank you for the consideration.  


  • MNboundWalrus
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    A possible drawback to 1) is that Marvel (and subsequently other publishers) may have to draw up contracts with their writers (and pay previous storytellers) for using their content in a different medium, or face potential suits for blatantly doing so. It seems to me writers were paid to make the stories currently being used for MPQ. 
    Point number 3) would certainly make playing the game more interesting. Players (like me) who just grab their favorite supered-up characters and blow through them quickly may have to actually play strategically. The opposing forces often won when I had lower characters that couldn’t keep up with their increased powers.