Android PC Emulation Failed

MTGPQ no longer runs on LD Player! Has anyone been able to get the new version running on any other Android PC emulator?
Will there ever be a PC version? I still say the artwork for MTG is BEST! Has D3 released any ART books featuring specific Card Sets? Why doesn't the CARD sets on this web site show the images in High Resolution?


  • stikxs
    stikxs Posts: 496 Mover and Shaker
    Late reply here; it stopped working for me on bluestacks 5 using a the 64 bit pie version but changing to the 32 bit nougat version works currently.
  • Over_loaf
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    Yes! Stikxs!!!
    The newest release works now, I'm using LDPlayer and it is fantastic on the PC... I really wish they would make a PC version with more animation!!