A 1-cover level 383 character is NOT better than a 3-cover level 368 character

JSP869 Posts: 795 Critical Contributor
I got lucky in drawing a yellow Crystal cover with one of my tokens to her Ardent Crystal vault. I didn't even buy a 10-pack, I just got lucky. And because I went post-Iso a year or so ago, after rostering her I immediately, and stupidly, leveled her up, because what else am I going to do with my +12,000,000 Iso-8.
I say "stupidly" because in her current PvP event I now have to constantly repeatedly select the Loaner Crystal because whoever programmed the game's algorithm made it so that a character with a single cover is considered stronger than a 1/1/1 character, for no apparent reason other than it being a higher level, and so the game likes to override the player's decision and choose the supposedly stronger character.
Which brings me back to my long-standing gripe with this game: When I select the Loaner character for a match, if after finishing that match I immediately begin another match the game should remember my choice, and remember that I want to use the Loaner!