Character Rebalance - Wiccan (Billy Kaplan) (3/8/22)

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With the ability to warp reality, you couldn't just expect Wiccan’s powers to stay the same forever. Wiccan (Billy Kaplan) has received a couple of upgrades to his powers which are listed below. Check out his original (and still current as of today) stats here in our FAQs for comparison.

These changes will be applied on March 10th.

Upcoming Changes to Wiccan’s Powers

 Mystical Destiny

  • Threshold AP to transform lowered by 2 at all levels (requires 4 AP in all colors at level 5).

  • Added a clause where if Wiccan is in front at the start of the turn, gain %APGain AP in a color you have less than 4 of.

 Power of the Demiurge

  • No changes

Magical Barrier

  • Healing increased at all levels.

Chain Lightning

  • Cost reduced from 12 to 10 (no change to damage)

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