Recruiting aXe Members

jgreen Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
We have 2 spots available in Axe Family! 
PVE/PVP with emphasis on PVE. 
Top 25/50 for both but rebuilding back to a solid top 25. Depends on event difficulty and rebuilding phase. This likely means you should have at least a solid 4* roster (and probably looking to transition to 5*).
PVE is usually 1.5x progression at Clearance Level 10.
PVP is a flexible 900 points with 10,000 points aim for season. Off season is no requirement but we highly encourage getting the lower cp progression reward (500 pts)
LINE is highly recommended in case we need you to step out (e.g.vacation) and for strategy discussions etc. 
PM me here or PM me on LINE @vanaheimr1711