The ELITE FORCES alliance family is recruiting

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The ELITE FORCES family has three t10 PVE and two t100 PVE alliances.


  • t10 PVE: optimal CL10 PVE. (Top placement / fat roster not needed. Just finish safely with optimal-ish timing.)
  • T100 PVE: 1.2x progression 

We don't have PVP minimums, but our t10 PVE alliances generally end up t10-25 PVP and our t100 PVE alliances are generally t100 PVP. 

We primarily use the LINE app for communication. We have a big group chat full of vets who can provide roster and game advice. LINE is required for our t10 alliances but not for our t100 alliances.

Please message me if interested.


Spots filled.