Release Notes 5.4.0

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What’s New

  • Additional Puzzle Masters (PMA) card set, the boosters from each color will receive new cards.

  • On February 8th, all Puzzle Masters (PMA) Boosters will be available in the Vault at the same time.

  • New Event

  • Battle From the Ages 

    • Event Type: PvE

    • Entry fee of 100 Mana Crystals

    • Deck Restrictions: Legacy

    • Rewards: Progression

    • Number of nodes: 1

    • All Planeswalker colors are allowed;

    • Event Duration: 46h

Special Rules

Face randomly chosen opponents in sequence. You can lose up to 3 matches per entry and play up to 7 matches. Each victory grants you 10 points, and each defeat grants you 5. Your rewards will be based upon your score.

Each battle features a different enemy. Event supports may be spawned according to the opponent.

  • Changes:

    • Angels’ Embrace (Valentine’s Day Event) had a revamp, the name, art, and rewards were changed. Please check the changes below:

      • Name: Devour in Flames

      • Description: Spread the love in this Red-only Planeswalkers event.

      • Art:

      • Rewards:


      • The rest of the event remains the same: Legacy, PvP, 2 Red Nodes, and Supercharged.

      Event Nodes Of Power: The Standard Booster reward in the Nodes of Power event now includes cards from Innistrad: Crimson Vow (VOW). (The Booster contains duplicable cards.)

      Event Emrakul's Corruption: Changed to 100% Legacy 
  • Fixes:

      • Fixed the issue where the game crashes when the player tries to open an image or video attachment on a Helpshift ticket

      • Fixed the issue where Warlock Class Support Card (AFR) lose life effect doesn't trigger Ob Nixilis' lose life abilities

      • Fixed the issue where the Summon! objective on Terror in the Shadows event doesn't count Vampire supports

      • Fixed issue where every card that created White Vampire Tokens was creating Black and Red Vampire Tokens.

      • Fixed issue where Dungeon Master Planeswalker's (AFR) second ability (all levels) had the wrong text.

      • Fixed issue where the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID) Vanguards were name and subtype reversed.

      • Fixed issue where Vanguards could sometimes not be selected when boards were shuffled, either because there was no match to make or because of a d20 roll.

      • Fixed issue where Nahiri, the Lithomancer Support card (AFR) has the incorrect description on the first ability.

      • Fixed issue where Professor Onyx Planeswalker's first ability at level 3 was not working properly.

      • Fixed issue when Kasmina, Enigma Sage Planeswalker using second ability to create Unsolved token while the board was full of tokens or special gems resulted in a soft lock.

      • Fixed issue where cards with Lesson were not displaying this evergreen in battle.

      • Fixed issue where Vanquish the Horde Spell Card (MID) evergreen (convoke) not working.

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