Jazal Goldmane needs Bravery

Stormcrow Posts: 462 Mover and Shaker
Jazal Goldmane has "When this creature attacks: Your creatures get +x/+x until end of turn. X is the number of Enlisted gems on the board."

He also has a (separate) at-the-start-of-combat trigger that creates some Enlist gems, so maybe that's why this wasn't made into an "at the start of combat" trigger, but: This is exactly the kind of ability that does absolutely nothing when a creature is in the last slot on the battlefield, that Bravery was intended to solve.

Making it worse, the Planeswalker that Jazal is most clearly intended to synergize with - the new Ajani, Invigorate Leadership - is basically always going to get some token creatures at the end of turn 1, so it's extremely unlikely to be able to get Jazal into the first creature slot even if you want to.

It was one thing for creatures to get given abilities like this before Bravery was a keyword (though it would still be nice to go back and give some of those old creatures Bravery, now that the keyword has been tested), but the devs shouldn't forget about keywords they've added to fix problems like this when they're designing new cards. And an expensive mythic creature shouldn't have a useless ability.

andrewvanmarle posted the same thing in the Main forums a month ago, just hoping it gets more attention here.