Looking for a competitive alliance

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So I am looking for a more competitive alliance. My stats are as follows: level 87. Best 5*s sersei, shang chi n gamora (all375). Best 4*s wolverine, nick fury, carnage (all over 270). Haven't yet gotten any 3*s to max level. Played for about a year when it first came out and only came back to it last year. Playing almost every day. Can usually achieve top 10 finish in versus. Someone please drop me a line or an invite. Any questions please feel free.


  • Rodeodoctor669
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    You could join Oceans 20 private alliance. Requirements are daily play and all alliance events are mandatory, if you are absent over 7 days we kick. We are a competitive casual hybrid alliance. We smash alliance boss events with days to spare and you will grow with us.
  • Mergyn
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    Ok, I trust you have a space available.  I will look for you.