How much ipmroving would Iron Man (Mark XLVI) need to be viable with a weekly boost?

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Time to look at the Civil War duo!

For this occasion we're allowed 2 polls in general, at the same time, so it's easier to compare how the forum sees their current state.

Also, this should be interesting for another reason, since Cap has already been improved quite a bit, though long ago by now.

Unlike Cap, Iron man hasn't had anything changed, and has hardly had any new team members over the years, since the initial batch. Or so it feels like, anyway. :)

Also, unlike Cap, the CW side team affiliation mechanic is tied to IM's main damage power.

In this case, I think both Red and Yellow need updating to be useful in today's 5* land, sadly. His blue is still great though! Almost as nice as Phoenix purple at possible cascades. :)

I plan to jump the gun again with Rescue next and swap her poll for Cap's, once the discussion has died down, as this time I too would like to propose a rework of her and IM, where they would have some minor extra bonuses together on a team, sort of like what Luke Cage and Iron Fist have. We should finally get to Surfer and OML and BSSM next, I promise!

How much ipmroving would Iron Man (Mark XLVI) need to be viable with a weekly boost? 22 votes

1. No need for a rework
2. Updating match damage and health
Alfje17 1 vote
3. The above plus power damage
4. The above plus minor tweaks in power costs or other numbers
captainheath 1 vote
5. Needs a rework in 1 power
skittledaddy 1 vote
6. Needs a rework in 2 powers
KolenceJackDeath666Tiger_WongDAZ0273ThaRoadWarrior658_2Davidk777 7 votes
7. Needs a complete rework
xKOBALTxentrailbucketKGBCharlieCrokercydyrSt_BernadusSrheer0BobdvolGodzillafan67TimemachinegoStanleyBurrell 11 votes
8. Something else, please elaborate in a post
Wilger 1 vote
9. I'm not sure


  • entrailbucket
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    7. Needs a complete rework
    I'm glad you're doing both of these guys at once and I promise not to ruin them.

    Cap and Iron Man should've been fixed together when Cap was fixed.  Iron Man needs a total redo like Cap got.  The team mechanic is silly and they pretty much removed it from Cap.  It's a much bigger problem for Iron Man though.  Red is an ok power with 2 Team IM guys but you're never going to use those guys and without them it's awful.

    Yellow is just bad.  Too expensive, too slow, tries to be defensive too and just fails at all of it.

    I think a lot of people are going to say Girl Friday is ok, and it is...unless your enemy's strongest color is red.  Then it's extremely bad.  The variance is just too high for something that expensive.  Maybe let us pick the color?   Or do something else if their strongest is red?  "Strongest color" stuff is usually not as good as they seem to think it is, anyway.
  • Timemachinego
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    7. Needs a complete rework
    I kind of like him being good unless against red, that's at least an interesting thing to have to think about even if thematically it doesn't make sense.
    He's pretty trash though, I was just thinking of all the repeat characters possible in 5 that I wouldn't mind a new IM so at least we have some form of this flagship character in a useful state in the 5* tier.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    6. Needs a rework in 2 powers
    I actually liked using him boosted with Shang-Chi and Onslaught, even though crushing all the red sounds like something you don't want to do with SC, it works super well to remove a color from the board and create a cascade like that. His other two powers literally never get fired on that team, which is currently the only one I care to really run him on.
  • DAZ0273
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    6. Needs a rework in 2 powers
    He needs a complete rework but that never happens so I voted rework in 2 powers which would be the best we could hope for. Just dropping the Iron Man team requirement is for me an absolute must and build from there.
  • Tiger_Wong
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    6. Needs a rework in 2 powers
    He probably needs a total rework but his blue is pretty cool (unless the strongest color is red, then it just blows up all the red. It becomes an expensive Resonance Frequency). I’d like the blue tweaked with. Give the player the choice of strongest color or 2nd strongest color.

    his red and yellow are just junk. Winning Team is pitifully weak. And it’s tied into the team affiliate mechanic. The damage is passable if all the members of the team are Team IM. If not, 👎🏿

    And the yellow…… I actually have the Arc Reactor support at 3 stars. But the special perk is tied into House Party Protocol….. which I honestly don’t think I’ve ever fired. Ever. 3 3-turn CDs that deal some damage when they expire and protect from a big hit while they’re on the field and removes itself. It costs 12 AP (good grief), the CDs are unfortified, all 3 CDs would have to go off to get a decent payout, and that’s at lvl 5 which I can’t see myself ever doing because this power is so bad. It gets my vote for the worst active yellow in 5* land. I’ve used Shrink Tactics (5* Wasp) more than HPP. I’ve used Rescue’s yellow more than HPP. I’ve used IW Cap’s yellow more AND IT COSTS 15 AP!

    yeah. That yellow needs to be taken out back and shot. 
  • Wilger
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    8. Something else, please elaborate in a post
    8. Something else, please elaborate in a post

    Just give us 13 covers so atleast he is playable to see what needs improving.

    just having 1 cover is no basis on what to improve
  • Srheer0
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    7. Needs a complete rework
    He needs a complete rework.  

    I'm not very comic savvy, so aren't sure of that particular suits' powers and what suits came before and after it.  

    1star ironman - Works well. Slightly expensive ap costs compared to spidey and juggs, but he works well. Top 3 without a doubt.  

    3star ironman - Best battery in the tier and has decent damage on his red

    4star IMBH - Probably the best red battery in existence. When boosted, his red can hit very very hard. Especially with more boosts like W5nda can give.

    4star Riri - Green power can be a bit naff. But her blue and red are very very useful. There's a reason why she keeps appearing in shield training on the harder nodes.  

    4star War Machine - I guess this also counts as an ironman suit. AP costs were slightly high and the powers contradicted eachother a bit. Haven't used him enough since his change this week to make a decision on him.

    5star Ironman - Rarely see him. I probably see B5nner more than him. And it's a shame because I like the character. AP costs are too high. He just feels old and slow, especially compared to newer releases. He needs a complete rework.  

    5star Rescue - Had some good ideas in her kit, and you can clear a whole board if the enemy polaris has spammed it with special tiles. Maybe if she had a jump infront mechanic like Odin she would have been better. 

    As you can see, there are good ironman suits. Just not in the 5star tier.

    What would I propose? Make him an alternative to BRB. What I mean is BRB makes ap whenever a protect tile is destroyed or matched. Why not give ironman a similar kit, but make it ironman themed.  

    Just throwing ideas at a wall - 

    Give him a multi hit power similar to Apoc's. Ironman suits have lasers, missiles and a lot of other cool tech

    Give him a drone mechanic. They would be a unique tile on the board and interact with one or more of his powers. They could block hits, boost his other powers to do more damage or more hits, maybe drain enemy AP each turn or just give you a free swap like MeH and R4g and C5rnage get.

    Give him damage reduction for his team or small healing. Maybe when an ally reaches 10 or 20% health it can kick in. The reason would be nanobots. Or extremis or whatever.

    Finally, you could give him tile destruction or conversion. Make it target X amount of a chosen colour.

    Maybe make him recover from stuns quicker?

    Maybe let him accelerate repeaters or countdowns? He has an AI in his suit that can do calculations etc.