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I have 2 suggestions how to "upgrade" some existing cards without making the sky fall.

1) Legacy Werewolves
Back in September 2019(!) I posted that about how creatures with Transform are not optimized for "3 creature spots" situation we have in PQ.
Now, with the release of MID and introduction of Day/Night-bound, I think it would be a good idea to adapt SOI Werewolves (Human/Wolf) and Ulrich (EMN) to be Day/Night-bound as well. Other EMN "werewolves" (Horror/Eldrazi) with Activated Transform abilities don't need Day/Night-bound, obviously.
Yea, Tovolar in both paper and PQ version can flip non-bound Human Werewolves (non-Horror/Eldrazi), but 3 "extra" Werewolf creatures added in both MID and VOW as Masterpieces (Huntmaster of the Fells, Lambholt Elder and Mondronen Shaman) all come from the original Innistrad block (Dark Ascension set) and never had Day/NIght-bound until PQ. So, why not just uniform the Werewolf mechanic in PQ?

2) Supports meant to be Sacrificed
The Book of Exalted Deeds, The Book of Foul Darkness, Hostile Hostel
, to name a few. These cards are meant to be destroyed either for a powerful effect, or for a replacement effect. If we compare with paper magic (and that's the instruction manual here), we can see two types of triggers: sacrifice and reaching a value.
In paper, both Books have a self-exile ability for some mana cost granting an effect. In PQ even if you have conditions needed (having an Angel or other parts of Vecna) you can't get the desired effect because destroying your own support is not a thing (at least in Standard), and hoping for Greg to destroy your support is desperate.
As for Hostile Hostel, in paper it transforms automatically once there are enough counters (basically, once its Level is high enough).
I don't see why the cards work so differently in PQ. In case of the Books, once the condition is met (having an eligible Angel or having a Corpse Part-y), give a prompt to sacrifice, YES/NO (probably with some mana drain, since it's a mana ability originally). In case of the Hostel, once its Level reaches 3, give a prompt to sacrifice it.
Yes, the prompts might get annoying, but I would assume if someone plays the card, they're ready for the prompts. Like those prompts from cards with Invoke.
The only other card I think might also need this kind of treatment is The World Tree from Kaldheim.


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    @Asylamb - interesting ideas, to which my immediate response is positive. I would recommend that you raise this issue further by using the Q&A and ask why only some SOI (paper) werewolves are using the Day/Night mechanic.

    I can’t recall (of the top of my head) any changes to “old” cards, so it might be an uphill battle to get Oktagon to change this, but points for trying.

    I fear that the devs are unable to change the code due to lack of insight into the Hibernium-code, but if the devs pick up this torch I hope that a number of other mechanisms will be streamlined into a coherent whole. There are so many similar mechanism which Inthink would benefit the game to have streamlined (multiple versions of stored mana to name one example).

    I hope they at least listen to the second part of the OP, since that is totally correct, those cards are so slow and cumbersome that I can’t imagine they are much used.
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    If the devs can add some alternative arts to the cards from the old sets, update the type of tokens produced by a card or rework some older Planeswalkers (original Arlinn Kord comes to mind), I don't see why tweaking some old transformation mechanics would be a problem.
    If it was me, I would have updated wordings of some older cards as well, to match current patterns (although I'm not the biggest fan of the current rule text tbh).