How much improving would Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) need, to be viable with a weekly boost?

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Let's see what the forum has to say about another well known (and loved?) villain... :) 

Goblin was one of the older chars that our alliance pretty much agreed could be updated the same way Jean was.

He's mostly lacking health by now. Match damage could use the update as well, so he can tank his share in a pick two boosted pair, preferably with as many colors covered between the two.

He already brings fun and unique things to a team - hard hitting nuke on Black, a versatile Purple and passive automatic fortification of Repeater tiles on Yellow. Countdowns as well, but Hawkeye can do that too. The active part of Yellow might be a bit costly for what it would usually do in PvP? But on the other hand, Goblin is featured in PvE nodes with goons, so perhaps it's fine like that. ;)

So, for me, he'd probably be fine with with just health and match damage update. Maybe some power damage and costs tweaks like Phoenix's, as well, to make him a bit scarier.

Now, if additional subtle or simple? improving was on the table, I wouldn't mind a boost to his purple. Not all colors effects can be equally good, but a few are kinda weak. And I really liked the idea of him dropping an extra Pumpkin or two in a random color other than the one chosen (credit to @JHawkInc). I believe it would add to the fun, and kinda fits with chaotic nature of the character. 

How much improving would Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) need, to be viable with a weekly boost? 23 votes

1. No need for a rework
furbear00000 1 vote
2. Updating match damage and health
entrailbucketBubba3210MegaBee 3 votes
3. The above plus powers damage
Polaresbuddy2034PhumadeheybubCharlieCrokerRod5mdreyer93 7 votes
4. The above plus minor tweaks in power costs or other numbers
KolencetonypqJackDeath666Tiger_WongcaptainheathThaRoadWarriorAres76658_2Davidk777 9 votes
5. Needs a rework in 1 power
Venomous 1 vote
6. Needs a rework in 2 powers
Glockomathechairman 2 votes
7. Needs a complete rework
8. Something else, please elaborate in a post
9. I'm not sure


  • Glockoma
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    6. Needs a rework in 2 powers
    As I posted in another thread, I only vote this way as his black would benefit from having an alternative power manifest should his glider be matched. This would force the player/opponent to choose which series of powers they would like to face the rest of the match. (Burst heal, stun capability, reduced pumpkin cost, etc.)

    The second power rework would be yellow. I certainly love the passive, but to elaborate on @Kolence ‘s opinion, it would be nice to throw a random pumpkin bomb on match-4 or something to that effect.

    just an idea of course.
  • HoundofShadow
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    Turn his black cd into a glider shape character tile with countdown is thematic, cool and awesome. It's a shame his Glider gets taken out easily.

    As for yellow, including repeater would be nice, but it would dilute the effects, I'm afraid.

    I think purple is fine.
  • Tiger_Wong
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    4. The above plus minor tweaks in power costs or other numbers
    Drop Trick or Treat to 8
    Drop Goblin King to 6

    and of course match damage and health updates. 
  • furbear00000
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    1. No need for a rework
    He got me through the 5E node in the last Venom/Carnage PvE just fine. Hit hard and fortifies countdowns. He was great boosted. 
  • tonypq
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    4. The above plus minor tweaks in power costs or other numbers
    All the old 5s should get the health and match damage boost, that should be a guven. Then a review for a minor tweak or two to their abilities. Some powers AP costs are a bit too high or damage too low by today's standards. As others have said mist don't complex reworks just buffs as described above. 

    As far as Goblin he's aged much better than most old 5s. Boosted his black still hits hard and fortifying tiles is always handy. I certainly don't think Goblin boosted is holding any team back like other weak 5s  are. 

    We'll have to see how they roll out further rebalances. Whether it's boils down to a popularity contest, or some usage numbers they've databased. It will sting a bit if they wait too long to address the 5s that need rebalancing the most.
  • entrailbucket
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    2. Updating match damage and health
    Remember he shows up as an enemy in PvE pretty frequently!

    I don't think he needs very much.  I use him when he's boosted now and his black oneshots 550 SW and nearly kills 550 Colossus (I think it hits for 150k?).  More health would be nice, and modern match damage. 

    It would be cool (but not necessary) if they reworked his active yellow to be useful at 4 or 5 covers.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    4. The above plus minor tweaks in power costs or other numbers
    I think he just needs a Jean style revamp, but if I could revamp him i would just make it so Goblin King operates on repeteaters in addition to CDs. He would slap so hard with Ronan if he could bulk-decriment repeaters.
  • DAZ0273
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    His black is waaaaay too harsh in terms of the potential punishment so tweaking that would be good.
  • Daredevil217
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    Purple: I love the idea of tossing a random pumpkin on a match 4 or 5. It really speaks to his instability and allows us to benefit from and maybe appreciate some of the other pumpkin affects when they are “free” and not something we are choosing over other options. Or, maybe we get a pumpkin in the color you make the match 4/5 in. That’s probably my favorite upgrade I’ve seen posted because it checks all the boxes (stronger but not OP, fits the flavor of the character, increases the fun factor, and shouldn’t require much testing).

    Black: maybe up his match damage when he is off his glider? (Maybe increase it for each black AP the team has since he can no longer use black to fire his glider). I’d like to do something more cool, but this seems easier to code than giving him a new power. You could fortify the CD, but if that happens it would almost never get matched away since he auto-fortifies.

    Yellow: make the active affect repeaters at 5 covers. I’d still probably never drop the other two powers, but at least there’d be an incentive to do so for those who want to build more creative teams and not use him as a damage stick.

    And he needs a pretty big increase in health and match damage.

    Don’t care that he’s a PVE boss. I say bring it on!
  • Glockoma
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    6. Needs a rework in 2 powers
    I pretty much second all of those ideas. Love the match damage proc, though he was always fragile and leaving him out there would suck, but I see it. Cheers
  • KGB
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    Just change it so if his Glider CD gets matched away it drains all your Black AP (assuming you have any). That way he doesn't permanently lose his glider, but the loss of the Black AP can be consider him having to fix his glider.
    I too like the idea of a random pumpkin getting tossed on a match 4/5.
  • Bad
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    Passive yellow could be useful, but active yellow isn't at all. 9 yellow for to reduce cds for 1 turn is ridiculous:
    -9 yellow for to add 1 turn stun charges to up to 4 cds, and accumulative like Ice5. That should be fun, and it could be explained with his halloween-themed arsenal.
    -9 purple for to fire 5 explosive pumpkins 2 turns cds. Dot. Not doing all those things that the current purple does.
    Those powers could make him a really good character, or a really useful one.
  • Venomous
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    5. Needs a rework in 1 power
    Similar to what a few said. My thoughts are.... Keep the Yellow in all. Either change Black or change Purple. Don't need to do both. Thing is that the black is too harsh and the purple while good isn't very flexible in it's use. Black would be the better way to change though.