Make partial use of saved teams

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Right now saved teams can only be used in events where no specific character is required in any of the slots (unless the required character matches the saved team).  The entire saved team is blacked out (unless it is compatible with the requirement) Instead of having saved teams be entirely useless in the situation, how about allowing the user to swap in the part of the saved team corresponding to *non* required slots?   This could be shown by blacking out only the saved character in the required slot---indicating they would not be swapped in---while showing the other saved characters who would be swapped in.

As an example, I often like to bring in Okoye and Hulk as the "wingmen" for a single required character in the center spot.   It would be nice if I didn't have to do this manually each time but could instead select a team that included those two characters to swap them in.


  • MNboundWalrus
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    I agree …I think. I certainly would use the saved team option if I could save a “team” of two characters. Then when the center spot is a required character, the saved team could populate the remaining “wings” as Karger puts it. Naturally this wouldn’t work when the Left and Center spots are required characters, but filling one spot is easier than locating 2 characters.
  • skittledaddy
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    @MNboundWalrus @karger

    You can Saved a two-char team. it involves a bit of a work-around, but it has always worked.
    Here is a thread about it: