Spider-verse characters

I think to make them more viable and a potential meta  dark horse would be to give them a group passive. I've been thinking about this and thematically they're all missing a Spidey sense passive. This can even be placed on symbiote characters since they copy Spider-Man. This could be selectively placed on specific symbiotes if deemed not appropriate for the likes of characters like Agent Venom. 

Spider sense (Passive) The Spidey sense allows (named character) to anticipate and avoid danger. (Character) dodges attacks reducing match damage by 60% and non match damage by max 35%. The non match damage can be applied to the Spider character and an ally since we know they'd save others. 

I think this makes them a lot stronger as a team and individually without being busted. 


  • Akoni
    Akoni Posts: 738 Critical Contributor
    The Spider-Man (Infinity War) blue power, Quick Reflexes, is similar to what you're describing. If a group power was applied, it would essentially double-up on this power for SMIW making him potentially overpowered.

    The overall concept is good, though. It would be interesting for each affiliate group to receive their own unique ability. It would encourage players to focus their team building efforts on affiliations like X-Men, Avengers, Sinister Six, etc.