Ajani, Invigorate Leadership

Is Ajani, Invigorate Leadership The STRONGEST Mono-White Walker in the game?

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Today's Planeswalker Review spotlights the Newest Mono-White Walker from the PMA sets in all his Feline Ferocity.

HUGE Shout Out To Oktagon for Sponsoring/Providing Access to this Walker! You guys ROCK!

What's inside today's Puzzle Quest...

1. 10:58 Pauper: Feline-Renewal 
2. 20:41 Peasant: Leader of The Cat
3. 33:20 Mythic: Minnie Pearl

And A New SLEW of silliness to keep myself entertained while I make these ridiculous videos. :P

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Till our Next Quest! 

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Goz Master


  • gozmaster
    gozmaster Posts: 48 Just Dropped In
    Ah Shoot man, I posted twice on accident. SORRY!

    I'm a newb to the posting here, any idea how to delete the dupe gang?
  • SeditiousCanary
    SeditiousCanary Posts: 76 Match Maker
    Best information I got was to remove, and reinstall. Ajani works like a champ after doing that.