Marvel Puzzle Quest New Character Poll (1/14/22)

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Hi Everyone –

When you log into MARVEL Puzzle Quest today you will very likely see a pop up in the message of the day highlighting your opportunity to vote for an upcoming MARVEL Puzzle Quest character.  We are super excited to bring out one of the characters we’ve heard of interest from fans to MPQ in the near future. 

Please head to poll by logging into MPQ or clicking on the link HERE and make your choice of one of the characters featured in the image above.  Each participant will be able to get 400 Free Favorite Shards (just remember to include your player name, must be exactly as listed in game).

Our friends at have provided a brief background of each of these characters if you are unfamiliar with them. In addition, you can also check out each of the featured comics via a Marvel Unlimited Reading List HERE.

The poll ends on January 19 and we will announce the winning character at a later date.  In-game reward will be sent to all participants on January 21.

Thank you!

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