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  • Tiger_WongTiger_Wong Posts: 645 Critical Contributor
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    Onslaught/Apoc/5*Thor - my most used team in pve. 

    Juggernaut/4*Gamora/R4G - for the easy pve nodes

    5*Cyclops/Col5/America Chavez - my primary anti-brb/polaritty team. I’ll probably delete this team soon though. I usually just swap out onslaught with morbius nowadays. 
    Elektro/Ronan/Wanda - anti Hulkoye team. I switch out 5* Gamora with Ronan if the 3rd is Wanda or Col5

    5*Cyclops/Shang Chi/Valkyrie- when I champ Sersi, I’ll put her in for Cyclops. 
    Polaris/Ultron/Valkyrie - my SS meta killer. 

    Teams I used to have saved

    5*Magneto/5*Kitty/BRB - anti-Hulkoye. I switch out BRB for Cable vs SCL teams this was before I got Shang chi 

    Sinister/Colossus/Wanda - anti-
    hulkoye before I champed elektro

  • GlockomaGlockoma Posts: 268 Mover and Shaker
    Definite themes are emerging; thank you all for contributions so far. Very informative and helpful.

    Some common examples, in no particular order:

    Easy nodes:
    4* Juggs, a GotG member, Grocket

    Burner Teams to attain certain outcomes:
    5* Thanos with a combination of 5* Thor (get him to 1/2 health), 3* DP (for points), and/or 5* DP (for daily token). Insert arbitrary 3rd or bring them altogether.

    Hard nodes/Shield Simulator, 2 person teams have the most consistency here as essential nodes typically mirror a portion of pick-3’s:

    -Kitty, Grocket
    -Kitty, Polaris
    -iHulk, Okoye (usually w/ 3*Thanos)
    -Apoc, Thor
    -Okoye, Thor (usually w/ 2099 SM)
    -Onslaught, Shang Chi
    -Valk, Shang Chi

    SS (Not many save pvp teams.)
    -Wanda, Colossus (usually with Morb)
    -Kitty, Polaris, BRB

    Stun Lock Lastly, it seems many save this style team for stun locking the challenge node. There are multiple setups to do these above that I don’t need to reiterate. By far the most common, however:

    -4* Thanos, Polaris, BRB

  • tonypqtonypq Posts: 336 Mover and Shaker
    I use a lot of Shang-Chi, Colossus and Morbius against PVE nodes with tile spammers. Kitty, Rocket, and Paris is another saved team for me, although not used as often since I got Shang-Chi. Apoc, Beta Ray Bill and Profx, a good team with rainbow coverage that I like. 

    I'm probably neglecting a lot of other team combos I could use more often, based on some of the great combos others have posted here. This is a fun thread to share what works for each of us and get some great ideas from others. 
  • Daredevil217Daredevil217 Posts: 3,247 Chairperson of the Boards
    Like many, I have all PVE squads because of the rotating PVP boosts. This is how it looks now, though it may be time to make some changes. Mainly I might swap ThorPoc for Thor/Shang as I find I’m gravitating to those two over ThorPoc in pick-2 nodes where Hulkoye can’t get the job done more and more. 

    1. Trivial Nodes
    Juggernaut (4*) /  Star-Lord (3*) / Rocket & Groot (4*)

    2. Gritty Polaris
    Rocket & Groot (4*) / Kitty Pryde / Polaris

    3. Thorpocalypse
    Thor (5*) / BLANK / Apocalypse

    4. Hulkoye (2)
    Okoye / BLANK / The Hulk (Immortal) (5*)

    5. Hulkoye (3)
    Okoye / Valkyrie / The Hulk (Immortal) (5*)

    6. Shangfinite
    Shang-Chi / Cyclops (5*) / Thor (5*)
  • AkoniAkoni Posts: 696 Critical Contributor
    1. Miles/IW Spider-Man/2099
    2. Some type of Thanos-focused team to rush through seed teams and easy nodes
    3. Scarlet Witch/Black Widow/Storm (3* winfinite)
    4. Strange/Ragnarok/Iron Man (3* stun lock)
    5. Worthy Juggs/Rogue/Chavez
    6. BRB/Carbage/Polaris

    My saved teams are mostly nostalgic. The winfinite, which I'm calling Femme Fatale, is slow, but great in the Apocalypse event and certain puzzle nodes. Otherwise, I could easily replace the winfinite with BRB/Polaris/1*Juggs. There is no real reason for me to keep the 3* stun lock, either. As far as Polaris goes, I change that one every time I come up with a new combo that works better. My Kitty is underwhelming so the extra matches from Carnage are welcome. The spider-verse team is a really good back-up when I'm running low on health packs and I'm going up against spammers.
  • AwebermanAweberman Posts: 337 Mover and Shaker
    1. Pole Star (Grocket/Kitty/Polaris)
    I rarely use this anymore, but it's there for obvious reasons.

    2. Big Enchilada (DP5/BP/Thanos)
    To make sure I get the taco token.  The goal is to make one move.

    3. For Watering (Grocket/<blank>/3nos)
    The team I hit seeds with in PVP so that I can stay low enough to be able to play with 4* when I want to go for 75 wins.

    4. Spider-Folks (Miles/2099/Gwen)
    Because they're just fun.  They can hit really hard.  And if any are boosted, they can even tangle with 5* at times.

    5. The Easy Nodes (Grocket/Juggernaut/3* Star-Lord)
    For the easy nodes.  With a rank 5 Element Guns on Juggsy, he tanks all colors.

    6. flex slot (currently Medusa/Polaris/Dazzler, left over from Balance of Power)

    I had a slot for DP3/<blank>/Thanos until I maxed out my whale points.
  • mhorhammhorham Posts: 28 Just Dropped In
    Shang chi, karnak, american chavez
  • Hellblazer666Hellblazer666 Posts: 83 Match Maker
    Polaris Grocket and 4 Star Juggs this is my go to team for literally all of PVE expect for the nodes where I play as the have to have character.

    Storm Magneto and Hawkeye for Deadpool DDQ

    Karnak Chavez and 4 Star Ragnahulk Sometimes I switch Hulk out for Shang Chi

    3 Star Cage 3 Star Fist and Misty Knight for a Defenders Team
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