Shang-chi and Sersei?



  • OmegasedOmegased Posts: 245 Tile Toppler
    5clops is the best partner for Shang Chi in 5 star (in my opinion). his green floods the board with Red, and yellow makes Shangy even stronger. 3/5/5 and he's good to go.
  • BadBad Posts: 1,474 Chairperson of the Boards
    Sersei is a really complex character. 
    As mentioned,actually SC plays well with 95% of the characters.
    However, sersei is exactly the same type.
    His kit seems to recommend to design a cascade team with her.
    But at same time she can create and improve strong special tiles.
    She is pretty versatile and she can be played in both ways, trying to deny a color you are not using or spamming the special tiles you want. The green power will grant her what she wants in any path she is taking: or fortifying and improving her special tiles, or creating a match 5 and her AoE passive.
    Using her purple and green she doesn't need any help for to create cascades.
    She plays really well with SC.
    On pvp she can be dangerous however SW brings the shelter SC needs and some color management so right now I feel more comfortable using SW when I climb high.
    Next pvp I will use SC and sersei until climbing high.
    By the way she performs excellently on SIM with apoc and wanda, and it's so funny.
    Imo she is a character still for to realize how good she is.
  • 9RMetal9RMetal Posts: 10 Just Dropped In
    Just champed Sersi this week, yeah it works for me, Sersi, 5* Scarlet Witch and Shang Chi are one of my go to's on PVP, definitely go for green first then start the combos with red and purple, takes a little because Sersi' green cost 10 but once you have the power ready to go, the combos start rolling.
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