Some bug about PWs health [Investigating]

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Today I started a TG match (the first match of the Standard TG) with a PW I haven't used today. After hitting "enter battle" a new window popped up and told me, my PW is low on health (10hp).

Ok, some minor error, nothing special. I used a healing potion (PW was recovered to full hp) and started the match again.

Then my PW had still only 10hp and I lost the match. TG, so no worries...

After a restart of the App, nothing strange happened again.

5.3.1 on Android.

If this had happened in a coalition event or so, I would be mad about it. But it is still "reportable" somehow.


  • ambrosio191
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    That sounds like a very old bug that usually would happen if you experienced network connectivity issues during a match.  It's supposedly been fixed, and for the most part it has, but it still pops up ever now and then.  Restarting the app is the only way to clear it. 
  • Magic:PQ Support Team
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    Thank you for the feedback, this issue will be investigated!

    In order to help us, please provide the following information (only those you haven't provided yet) if you have it. You can PM me the answer if you prefer, or send it to Customer Support in-game:

    • Which Planeswalker? (Full PW Name)
    • Which Level?

    If you have any additional information that you consider relevant, please don't hesitate to send me 😊

    Thank you,

  • AoMadness
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    I had a player reach out to me today about an error that appeared at the start of node 5.3 in Avency madness this is the message I received;

    "I used the PW Ajani, invigorating leader, and when entering it gave me two errors to access the game, and at the beginning of the game I looked at the life of my PW and it came out like this. I also had 2 charges yet 1 match was only played and know its saying iv played both charges"