Training Grounds softlock [Fixed]

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Hello. Apologies if I'm doing this wrong.

Anyway. I've encountered two softlocks in TG now. Both times happened when I tried to activate the latest Ajani's abilities. I tap on one, and the abilities menu swipes back, but nothing happens. From this point on, I cannot interact with the board at all. I can however still check my cards/abilities, or click on the menu to bring up the battle log/quit options, etc.. 

I find this strange as I was using him just fine earlier and had no issues. 

This is on Android.


  • WulFgaR77
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    You're right. Everytime I hit Ajani's ability it causes softlock 🙄


    May be we have to wait for update. Or this update is a fail..

    My client build is:
    Data ver. (0)
  • BongoTheGrey
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    It also happened to me. When you try to activate any of the 3 Ajani, Invigorate Leadership's (PMA) abilities the game softlocks. No gems are Enlisted and no Ajani's Leadership supports are created. The game softlocks the second you click on any of his Planeswalker's abilities. It is 100% unplayable after the Data Push
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    @Vanadis Found out that clearing the app's cache and data solves the softlock problem and Ajani, Invigorate Leadership (PMA) becomes playable again. It is also now working fine with all the tokens being created on the battlefield and all having the evergreen attached to them.

    Just keep in mind that clearing the app's data is like uninstalling and reinstalling it so you need to login again with either your Google Play, Apple Play or Facebook account.