"The Danger Room"

Anyone who knows even a little about Marvel comics knows about "The Danger Room". When I first started MPQ I thought maybe there was something like that. Sadly, there isn't. As such, I'd like to lay out a rough of what I think it could be as well as some project related ideas. 

Game is in stable state

Any additional modes based on current code and feature set allows for fairly easy implementation

Most difficult portion will be design aesthetic

1. With a new mode the devs should really step up with new backgrounds, UI look and feel, etc for the new mode
2. Detecting larger devices and displaying half screen backgrounds
3. l have ideas for UI features
4. There can be old as well as new character skins for sale for mode debut

The Danger Room

A. Pick 3 against AI opponents
1. Can be max level (prior to championing)
2. Fully leveled champion
a. Later levels of characters can be chosen by inputting digits
3. Opponents can be Marvel and/or mix of goons etc.

B. A sub mode that allows for adjusting gameplay
1. increasing/decreasing frequency of certain tiles
2. Starting out with a certain number of attack, protect and/or strike tiles
3. Setting countdown tiles to do damage, stun, destroy, swap, or any other countdown tile ability

• This sub mode requires more coding to allow player interaction so it will take a lot longer


  • BreadsticksBreadsticks Posts: 84 Match Maker
    This would allow for play during "downtime" which always happens during events. This is more than just a time sync. This would allow for trying out team comps, supports and abilities. 
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